Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to Spring 2012!

Welcome back to Students and Faculty! Here are a few items to get done this week.
  • Get a library card. If you don't already have a PLS library card from any library in San Mateo County, you can apply for a new card at the College of San Mateo Library.

  • Get a USB flash drive to save your school work. You can buy them at the campus bookstore -you'll probably need 4 gigabytes or more.

  • Check College Reserves for your textbooks. If your instructor has a copy and puts it in College Reserves, you can check it our for use in the library. Check back often -- new reserve items get added as the semester progresses.

Monday, January 16, 2012

New LIBR 100 section available for Spring 2012

A new section of LIBR 100 is available for enrollment. This section is online only. You can sign-up for the class using WebSMART.

Section Starts : March 20, 2012 

Section Ends: May 24, 2012 

CRN: 43509

Units: 1 unit; Letter grade or Pass/No Pass grading. (CSU/UC transferable)

Instructor:  Michele Alaniz. Contact information is available at the instructor's website.