Monday, April 18, 2016

Get Creative! CSM Library Bookmark Design Challenge: April 11-29, 2016

Create a bookmark for our Bookmark Design Challenge and enter to win for prizes. Winning bookmark will be reprinted and distributed at the library. Please visit the CSM Library for full details, and to submit your bookmark.

Avant-Garde Poster Exhibit in Library: April 18-May 20, 2016

The library has a special exhibit on display: 

Rebranding the Russian Avant-Garde

International Poster Exhibition

This exhibition presents works of contemporary international designers who are attempting to re-imagine the Russian avant-garde movement in the age of digital media. Using the Russian avant-garde as the main source of their inspiration, these artists re-contextualize familiar themes, while exploring new technologies and striving to form their own unique visual language. In addition, the show features a selection of posters by CSM digital media students.

The posters will be on display on the library's main level from April 18-May 20, 2016. Admission is free. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Titles from Films on Demand!

New Titles Notification

We are pleased to announce that 193 new titles that were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

  • ✔ View your newly added titles:
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  • From TED Talks to the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series, check out titles such as How our microbes make us who we are and Why are these 32 symbols found in caves all over Europe? to Tackling concussions and Under the shadow.

  • Featured videos:

  • How our microbes make us who we are
  • Rob Knight is a pioneer in studying human microbes, the community of tiny single-cell organisms living inside our bodies that have a huge — and largely unexplored — role in our health. “The three pounds of microbes that you carry around with you might be more important than every single gene you carry around in your genome,” he says. Find out why.
  • Why are these 32 symbols found in caves all over Europe
  • Written language, the hallmark of human civilization, didn't just suddenly appear one day. Thousands of years before the first fully developed writing systems, our ancestors scrawled geometric signs across the walls of the caves they sheltered in. Paleoanthropologist, rock art researcher and TED Senior Fellow Genevieve von Petzinger has studied and codified these ancient markings in caves across Europe. The uniformity of her findings suggest that graphic communication, and the ability to preserve and transmit messages beyond a single moment in time, may be much older than we think.
  • Tackling concussions
  • Biomedical engineers created eye-tracking software to measure brain functions. It can quickly track eye movement and detect possible problems—slower, less controlled eye movements are typical symptoms of a concussion. The technology will be used on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Under the shadow
  • “When we rape we feel free,” confesses a young soldier in the Congolese Army. According to the American Journal of Public Health, 48 women are raped every hour in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC earned a reputation as most dangerous country in the world for women. In this documentary, soldiers explain why they rape and describe how the atrocities took place. It follows the story of Masika, who opened a rescue center to offer counselling and shelter to rape victims. Can these women escape the shadow cast by this threat of sexual violence and will the specter of justice bring hope and resolution