Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Makerspace Events!

We've added more Makerspace events for the month of May, and we would love it if you'd join us!  All events are free and all materials are provided.  Please drop by for any of the events listed below.  More details about the events can be found on our Makerspace webpage:

2:30 pm - 4 pm
Telescopes, Lenses and Optics
Hosted by: CSM Professor Mohsen Janatpour
Location: Astronomy Lab near the CSM Planetarium next to the Science Building (Building 36)
Learn how to make and operate a telescope in this hands-on workshop in the Astronomy Lab.

12 pm - 2 pm
"Duct-ivities" - Arts and Crafts with Duct Tape
Hosted by: CSM Librarians
Location: CSM Library (Building 9)
Learn how to make everything from flowers to keychains to wallets with that most versatile of materials: duct tape!

3 pm - 4 pm
Write Poetry: Create a Sestina
Hosted by: CSM English Professor Autumn Newman
Location: CSM Library (Building 9)
Join CSM English Professor and poet Autumn Newman to work on a fun collaborative poetry project.

2 pm - 4 pm
MakerBot 3-D Printer Demonstration
Hosted by: CSM Engineering Club & CSM engineering professor Laura Demsetz
Location: CSM Library (Building 9)
Join the Engineering Club as they show off their cool new 3-D printer that can turn digital files into real objects that you can pick up and touch!

2 pm - 4 pm
Build a Terrarium
Hosted by: CSM Professor Matt Leddy
Location: CSM Library (Building 9)
Build your own mini-biosphere with succulents and air plants. (Materials provided or bring your own glass container).  

1 pm - 3 pm
Take a Study Break before Finals
Hosted by: CSM Librarians
Location: CSM Library (Building 9)
Come by the library to make a simple and relaxing craft project.