Thursday, May 20, 2010

Library Studies Classes Summer and Fall 2010

Ever had a teacher return your paper and say you need better sources? Unsure how to do reference citations? Want to become a better researcher? Library Studies (LIBR) 100 Introduction to Library Research can help! Learn to formulate and refine a research question, use reference materials, search the online catalog and databases, search the Internet, evaluate Web sites, avoid plagiarism, and cite sources.

LIBR 100 is a 1 unit course that transfers to the CSU and UC, satisfies SFSU's Information Competency Requirement.

Beginning Fall 2010, LIBR 100 satisfies the College of San Mateo Information Competency graduation requirement.

Summer 2010 ONLINE

When: 6/21/10 -8/14/10 • 6 weeks
CRN: 54205
Instructor: Teresa Morris

Fall 2010 • Two Sections!

When: 9/1/10 -10/27/10 • 8 week ONLINE course
CRN: 92864
Instructor: Michele Alaniz

When: 10/14/10 -12/9/10 • 8 week ON CAMPUS course • TTH from 9:10-10:00am
Where: Bldg 9-200
CRN: 92304
Instructor: Teresa Morris

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